Neophema seed mix

neophema seed mix

Since starting using Neophema seed mix for our Parrotlets, Bourkes and Linnes we have noticed a reduction in spillage. It’s obvious they are enjoying this mix much more than the normal parakeet seed mix.

Neophema seed mix is formulated for grass parakeets of the genus Neophema such as Splendids, Bourkes, Elegants, Lineolated, Rock Pebbler, Princess of Wales and Barabands. It is also suitable for other parakeets and small parrots who prefer a smaller, softer seed.


  • Plain Canary 25%
  • Panicum Millet 10%
  • White Millet 25%
  • Red Millet 15%
  • Japanese Millet 7%
  • Hemp Seed 5%
  • Nigerseed 5%
  • Screened Linseed 5%
  • Naked Oats 3%
  • Blended Marine Oil

Neophema is available in small bags as well as 20kg sacks.

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