Honey Bars


Johnson’s Honey Bar is made from selected seeds and honey. Suitable for budgies and parakeets.

Just like you, your pet friends also love a few treats to munch on from time to time. The Johnson’s honey bars are something that your pet pals like parakeets and budgies would eat happily. Made from carefully selected seeds, this honey snack bar is delicious as well as nutritious. All the seeds are essential for the proper growth and development of your little friend. The added gelatine adhesive in these bird treats gives sufficient protein to the birds. Along with these essential ingredients; the munching snacks contain honey for taste which makes sure that your bird friend has something to keep itself entertained! The treats are traditional in the bar shape which makes it convenient to eat throughout the day. Every honey bar snack bite has a cage clip for your convenience. You can simply attach the treat to the pet’s enclosure. Very popular amongst cockatiels, budgies, and parakeets; your pet would keep on asking for more. Along with your bird’s basic diet, it is important to keep feeding them delicious snacks to improve their appetite. This big pack of bird snacks would keep your bird entertained for a long time. Each snack bar weighs 35g which is enough for a healthy evening or morning snack, as long as it is not replaced with the actual diet plan of your bird. This snack is appealing, nutritional, and provides an overall fulfilling eating experience for your little feathered friend. The tasty honey bars add fun to the meal, create a devouring experience, and leave all the birds craving for more.

Product Benefits

  • Contains carefully selected seeds to provide a healthy and balanced diet to the feather friends
  • The gelatine adhesive provides protein to the birds and help in their proper growth
  • Tasty treats in the form of traditional snack bars that attract the cage birds
  • Honey component is included for taste
  • Each bar has a cage clip that makes it easy for you to attach the bar to your pet’s cage
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